Traders Resources

We’re updating the Trader’s Resources to localise them to Dunbar, don’t use the web images as they will come out pixellated – download the pdf instead:

Here is a starter for 10 poster, useful if you’ve not had time to gen up on the interesting stuff on why local economies matter: 01-What-is-TLD&D?

What is TLD?

Here is the “We’re going totally locally Dunbar” main poster for sticking up in your business during the launch period (A5): 03-Shop-Sticker-DUNBAR


Here are 2 PDF posters to stick up in your shop or business once the launch campaign is over: (12-We’re-a-TL-DUNBAR-Company-Poster)

12-We're-a-TL-DUNBAR-Company-Poster 2


A TLD design for a hessian or cotton canvas bag, works well as an alternative to the colour poster: 16-Town-Bag-DUNBAR


POSSIBLE LAUNCH POSTER (PDF) – we’ll need some real people smiling at the camera to make this real:



Suggestions Postcard – several of you asked me if there was a way to improve customer feedback: 15-DUNBAR Suggestion-Card-bw



Thank you slips: 14b-bookmarkthankyoudoublepageDUNBAR


The “did you know?..” poster should work at A4 or A5 – surprise us with something we really didn’t know (PDF): posterDidYouKnow:


The “magic tenner” concept poster, only requires you list your local suppliers (or just the number of them): A4 or A5 19-Magic-Tenner-PosterDUNBAR


And the hidden gems nomination postcard (PDF) will need a sponsor to cover costs:

21-Hidden-Gems-Postcard DUNBAR

21-Hidden-Gems-Postcard DUNBAR2