Who wants to go Totally Locally?

discover-your-communityIn between arranging meetings and some other mundane stuff, yesterday I ended up “localising” some most of the Totally Locally campaign marketing materials specifically for Dunbar and District.

They are now available for review or to print off: Traders Resources.

The feedback I’ve received boils down to this: how can we increase footfall?

I think the answer to that is partly in designing a campaign using the low cost marketing tool kit like Totally Locally (we save 6 months of design time and thousands of ££) and partly in improving the quality of the High Street offer. Rather than focus on what others should do, the campaign focuses on what we can do and to think small.

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Can Dunbar Go Totally Locally?

cropped-totallylocallydunbarheader.pngDunbar is the latest place to take consider taking the Totally Locally challenge! A crack team of volunteers will be needed and there will be some late working to the launch event.

Totally Locally is about opening your eyes to the great independent shops and businesses which grace our town and the nearby locality. It’s here to encourage you to turn into the door of that shop you walk past every day. Go on, give it a try – there’s a good chance you’ll want to go back.

It’s about supporting local growers, producers and services: furniture makers, farmers, accountants or bakers.

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Step by step

So you Want Totally Locally in your Town?

Totally Locally is a big idea put together by a small bunch of people. If you like it, and think it would be good for your town, you can have it – for free. It won’t cost you anything. All we want from you is that you commit to it, you get a bit giddy and excited and you go for it!

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Magic with a ten pound note

lovewhereyoulive_investinyourfuture623_backThere’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into the local economy can be over £50!

Well if you imagine that when you buy a locally-made pie from a local shop, a big part of your money is passed on to the local piemaker. The shop employs a local accountant or even a decorator. In turn the piemaker who sources his meat from a local farm spends a big percentage of his money with the farmer. The farmer then spends some of his money at his local garage, the garage owner etc. etc.

With each step, around 80% of each spend goes into the local economy. So in effect the money that stays within our locality gets more & more.

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