Who wants to go Totally Locally?

discover-your-communityIn between arranging meetings and some other mundane stuff, yesterday I ended up “localising” some most of the Totally Locally campaign marketing materials specifically for Dunbar and District.

They are now available for review or to print off: Traders Resources.

The feedback I’ve received boils down to this: how can we increase footfall?

I think the answer to that is partly in designing a campaign using the low cost marketing tool kit like Totally Locally (we save 6 months of design time and thousands of ££) and partly in improving the quality of the High Street offer. Rather than focus on what others should do, the campaign focuses on what we can do and to think small.

Whilst informally this initiative has been warmly received by all those I have spoken to and would cost very little, we’ve still to firm up a group of shop owners and businesses who would like to give it a go and help orchestrate it and create a bit of a buzz.

We are looking for between four to six High Street traders to kick it off, plus any other local businesses that qualify as “independents”.

Sign up, you know it makes sense.

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